Read At Your Own Risk

by Squiddhartha

Facebook is an interesting place.  I’ve been hanging out online, in one form or another, since about 1983, and Facebook is the first venue where all of my social groups — family, friends from school, friends from the Internet, friends from conventions, roller derby folks, you name it — intersect. So it’s great to hang out there and keep tabs on what folks are up to. And if I write something, it’ll get widely read; heck, I can be pretty certain my mom will read it.

But over the past couple of years, too often I’ve found myself reciting the mantra, “Don’t pick Facebook fights, don’t pick Facebook fights.” Because most people don’t seem to think twice about posting (or more often sharing) some sort of image or commentary that is just, well, wrong. Wrong factually, or wrong logically, or (in my opinion) wrong morally. If it’s wrong factually, I might comment to point them in the right direction, but I really don’t want to get engaged in deep debates on Facebook. To my mind, it’s a light and fluffy place where I post photos of my cat or the latest clever thing my kid just said.

But also over the past couple of years — maybe three or four — I’ve grown tired of the illogic, error, and sometimes outright lies that so many people are putting out there in the “marketplace of ideas.” Maybe it’s because I’m in my 40s, but I just have little patience for that stuff any more. And so I’ve started this blog.

This is where the gloves come off. It’s a place where I will be honest, and speak my mind. I’m telling you ahead of time, so if you don’t want your ideas challenged — about me, about the world, about what is real and true — you can keep your distance.

This is where I pick fights.

Read At Your Own Risk.