The Necessity of Snopes

by Squiddhartha

Man, everyone on the Internet ought to know about  Not only would I get far less ridiculous e-mail if people were in the habit of fact-checking at Snopes, but a good familiarity with the items that come through Snopes will greatly help in determining whether a given item of “news” passes the sniff test.  (Hint: If the question is, “Did <Major Political Figure> say <some outrageous thing>?”, the answer is usually “No.”)

I can see, though, why people would resist developing that habit.  It would certainly cut down on the number of opportunities to feel righteous outrage.  And Snopes might end up serving as a gateway drug to, I dunno, the PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter or something.

Then there’s the Snopes On Snopes problem…