The one that got away

by Squiddhartha

Interesting/bizarre interaction on Facebook this morning.  Got a friend request from someone whose name I didn’t recognize, but who apparently was in my high school class — though it must have been under a different name, because there’s nobody by that name in my yearbooks.  He also sent me a message referring to beating me in chess club in fourth grade… which would be quite a trick since I didn’t move to Colorado until sixth grade, but so many years later who knows how memory works.

Anyway, I added him, then went to his page to see if I could figure out who he was.  Lo, I see his latest status update, which quoted the political summary from my Facebook profile verbatim (“People should be left alone if they’re not hurting anybody else, and they should help each other out and government mechanisms are a fine way to do that.”) and proceeded to mock it as though I were suggesting the government should decree when people should be left alone versus “helped,” against their will.  He implied I’d be fine with legalizing pot while outlawing sugary sodas, and such.

Well, I’ve said I don’t want to pick Facebook fights, but I never said I’d roll over if someone picked one with me, so I replied to the effect of, “You seem to have a problem with my basic political philosophy.  Can you please articulate your superior one?  And show me where I implied that the government should decree what’s best for the people?  Or have you forgotten that in this country, the government is the people, or should be if it weren’t in fact the people with all the money?”

I was looking forward to dissecting his mockery and/or defense here on the blog… but when I went back later to check in, his post had been deleted.

Bush league, friend, bush league.