LOL, faith

by Squiddhartha

Current top story headline on “She acts in faith.  Who deserves hers?” about a 67-year-old Catholic retiree, waffling over whom to vote for.

Faith can bite my shiny metal ass.  This is the future, why the non-existent devil are people still behaving as though it’s a virtue to believe in things that are not only not supported, but actively contradicted, by real reliable reproducible measurements of the world around us?

The other “undecideds” CNN is profiling are “The Millennial”, “The Long-Term Unemployed”, “The Latino”, “The Single Woman”, and “The Evangelical”.  So, with “The Catholic”, two different religions are explicitly profiled.  Where’s “The Atheist”?  Or “The Scientist”?  Nobody coming from an explicitly rational perspective.

But we’re talking politics, that’s par for the course.