Anger Deficit Disorder

by Squiddhartha

It’s not that there’s any shortage of things to be angry about, but I’ve been too busy to be angry publicly.  Though one of Greta Christina’s excellent points about engaging people who are Wrong On the Internet is that it only really makes sense to do it in public, since your audience is really fence-sitting third parties; you’re unlikely to convince anybody in a given one-on-one interaction.

I did have to smack down one of my online friends, a devout and vocal Catholic, the other day when he parroted the stupid idea that Democrats want to “encourage as much abortion as possible.”  That’s such a ridiculous straw man.  He (naturally) echoed many more pro-life talking points during the conversation, and it wound up going to the point of him proclaiming that science and religion are compatible because there have been (and are) many religious scientists, which is an idea that has been soundly debunked time and again, particularly by Jerry Coyne.  The conversation just petered out, so I can’t claim any kind of victory, but I just couldn’t let that pass unchallenged.