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You have been warned

Unintentional truth

Over at this article on, a pastor proclaims his loyalty to Jesus over politicians.  In his introduction, he says:

As winners are projected and the electoral map is updated, Christians of many denominations will sing their praises and proclaim their loyalty to Jesus.

It seems ridiculous, even silly.

He’s right, of course, though not in the way he intended.


Are you KIDDING me?

My GRRRR OBAMA BAD GRRRR Facebook “friend” just posted an image proclaiming, “OBAMA is what happens when ILLEGALS vote!  REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER”

That’s… that’s just… they actually believe this garbage?  I mean, I know most Americans are innumerate, but…

Why feminism isn’t over

I generally don’t watch TV, but for various reasons wound up flipping through the DirecTV program guide this morning.

This is verbatim from that guide: “Girls Night Out: Halloween Hotties 2.  Every girl loves Halloween cause they get to dress and act like whores!  Girls take it all off as they strive to find the perfect slutty costu…”

Wow.  And that’s in the 21st century.

Recruitment at funerals

I’ve witnessed things similar to this.  I just want to give fair notice to all my friends and family that if there’s any overt religious content at my funeral, I intend to defy all reality and haunt your asses.

LOL, faith

Current top story headline on “She acts in faith.  Who deserves hers?” about a 67-year-old Catholic retiree, waffling over whom to vote for.

Faith can bite my shiny metal ass.  This is the future, why the non-existent devil are people still behaving as though it’s a virtue to believe in things that are not only not supported, but actively contradicted, by real reliable reproducible measurements of the world around us?

The other “undecideds” CNN is profiling are “The Millennial”, “The Long-Term Unemployed”, “The Latino”, “The Single Woman”, and “The Evangelical”.  So, with “The Catholic”, two different religions are explicitly profiled.  Where’s “The Atheist”?  Or “The Scientist”?  Nobody coming from an explicitly rational perspective.

But we’re talking politics, that’s par for the course.

Uh oh

The debates can have approximately zero impact on my voting, so I ignored tonight’s and concentrated on something worthwhile, namely the scrimmage for my roller derby league.  Got home a little while ago and the buzz seems to be fairly strongly in Romney’s favor.  My GRRR OBAMA BAD GRRRR Facebook “friend” is being smug, that’s probably not a good sign.  I do worry about the target audience for the debates; anybody who is still undecided can’t have been paying attention.

Captain, we’ve got a list to port

I’m a white adult professional male, firmly in the middle class — just the kind of guy who ought to be good Republican fodder.  Why do I lean liberal?  Because I can read things like this, and I have imagination and (shudder) empathy.

Happy Birth, er, Blasphemy Day To Me

So, my birthday, September 30, has been declared International Blasphemy Rights Day for the past few years.  I’m down with that.  But recent news items have shown that the world has a long way to go in protecting free speech from the oversensitivity of the religious, particularly in Pakistan.

There are still many countries in which blasphemy is criminalized, and it looks like Russia might even be heading that way.  This is an area on which believers and non-believers alike should agree — since believers are potentially in the same boat as non-believers if they belong to the “wrong” religion!  Of course, the majorities in these countries have little incentive to change the status quo…

Why I might vote for Obama

This.  This right here.  Even though I have issues with Obama’s administration, many of whose problems with civil liberties and the justice system have been documented by Ed Brayton and others, the excesses that would be made possible by a more conservative Supreme Court scare me enough to vote Democratic rather than for somebody whose views actually parallel mine (like Jill Stein).

Birthday reading

My mother-in-law (doubtless tipped off by my wife) just gave me The Ancestor’s Tale, The Blind Watchmaker, and The Greatest Show On Earth, all by Richard Dawkins.  That should keep me off the streets for a bit.  I actually haven’t read any of Dawkins’s books before — any suggestions on order?

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